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This is still down right? Any chance of it coming back online? I don't have a discord 

I can't join the discord. Link is invalid dose someone have a link that dosent expire

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whats the windows download?

has the game come back on 

The game is currently offline for development. Join the discord community for updates.

this game is broken.. when i run the runclient.bat it doesnt work it just makes the screen black and it flickers and then it stops

my game wont let me register please help

the servers for the game are no longer up, that's why you can't register, it's because there is nothing to register to.


Game wont download on my laptop.


I cant seem to get the game to work on my laptop....


Whats with all these comments being over 90 days old? Does it not show the most recent ones? Is this game alive still?


great game very nostalgic


Cool game! I had fun playing it!


runclient does nothing. it brings up the console and then closes the console.

i need help, the game wont start for me from the itch app

Hello Curlymaniac, the link for the game's website is here :

Any more questions, you can join discord here :


good game

Mine stuck at 58% then shutdown itself


What bit is your windows? 64 or 32?

It just crashes on linux download and install java on your system. I forgot to mention that. 

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What do you mean?


inb4 it's closed down by Nintendo for legal reasons.


Pretty sure Nintendo would've caught wind of it already before it got this far developed. As long as there isn't a premium store, like in another PokéMMO I've seen, I highly doubt Nintendo would do anything about it... Yes they're using Pokémon sprites, but who knows? They're not making profit off of it (afaik rn) so why would they be overly concerned?

Yeah, but Nintendo will shut this down. It shutdown the pokemon minecraft mod, and this game is much more than a mod for mc...

They aren't Disney who goes out and sues kindergardens for having mickey painted on a wall... for kids... in a school. Nintendo isn't that aggressive as people like to think they are.


Such a decent Pokemon MMO game. It's definitely not that usual Pokemon MMO which you randomly find and play in Kanto/Johto with similar Pokemon Elements. This game focuses more in the MMO way which makes this game unique and awesome. Definitely a game to try and enjoy. Another amazing reason is the community, in my own eyes I see the community as treasure. Everyone helps each other, make jokes and have fun. Please try this game or at least check some of it's videos :)


Awesome game, Great Events and  with the greatest community possible.


Good rate of release, Nice community, Excellent events.


This is an awesome game with a great community :D